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Two of my passions in life are hockey and design. Being able to combine those two passions has been an amazing experience! I went from drawing hockey jerseys by hand and pasting them on my bedroom door as a kid, to wearing my own jersey designs at the major junior and professional hockey levels.

MY background

I have had a lifetime of playing hockey, including 7 years professionally in North America and Europe (here’s proof!). What that has taught me is the value in being proud of the team or brand you represent. As Full Stride Designs, I am committed to creating designs, brands and/or visual identities that make you proud!

My services

While Full Stride grows, so does my toolbox. Even with a history and focus on sports logos and jerseys (namely hockey), my services continue to expand.

  • Need a logo? I’ve got you covered!

  • Maybe some social media and promotional content? Let’s do it!

  • How about business cards to help network yourself? Yup!

  • Don’t know what you need? That’s what I’m here for.

Whatever you or your business needs, instead of a small step, let’s make a Full Stride.