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Special Event Jerseys


Special Event Jerseys

12 jerseys worn in 4 leagues



The 2018 Vienna Capitals Christmas jersey repurposes the hidden, festive pattern from the previous year and adds snow-capped jersey numbers for an extra holiday feel.




In the second instalment of the Vienna Capitals Christmas jersey, a closer look reveals a hidden, festive pattern in the base of the jersey.




The main crest's soldier, the poppy logo and a custom number font highlight this jersey that honours all Canadian armed forces members who have lost their lives in the line of duty.




Representing the first Full Stride jersey design to be worn in Europe, the striping pattern on this festive sweater is reminiscent of a Christmas present's wrapping paper.




A closer look at the primary logo reveals 30 wheat kernels representing the Broncos' 30 seasons since returning to Swift Current, Saskatchewan. The 30th anniversary logo was used by the Broncos throughout the entire 2015-16 season on the ice in face-off circles, for promotional/web content, season tickets and all official game pucks.




Not only was the jersey design worn on the ice, it was also used for bobblehead giveaway night. On January 30th, 2016, the first 2,500 fans in the building received a Collin Bowman bobblehead. In-game pictures provided by Diane Madden of Standout Imagery




In the spirit of St. Patrick's Day, the main crest is meant to emulate a stylized label you would commonly find on a beer bottle. In-game pictures provided by Diane Madden of Standout Imagery.




When the Broncos scored their first goal 29 seconds into the second period, the fans covered the ice with teddy bears and other stuffed toys. All stuffed toys collected were then donated to local children's hospitals. Design collaboration with Benjamagnus Designs.




Various logo design elements include the crown to represent the crowning achievement of turning 100 years old, the prairie hills that represent the local landscape, the Swift Current Creek from which the city's name is derived, and the four stars in honour of the four fallen Broncos.




This marked the first time an original Full Stride logo dawned the front of a jersey. The five stars in the logo represent the five seasons the franchise had played in Cedar Park, Texas.




The 2011-2012 season marked the 25th anniversary of a bus crash that took the lives of four Broncos players: Trent Kresse, Scott Kruger, Chris Mantyka, and Brent Ruff. This jersey honours those four young men that will always be remembered by the city and the organization.




Inspired by the Atlanta Thrashers baby blue jerseys (my favourite jersey of all time), this was the first official Full Stride jersey design.